Friday, July 11, 2008

What's for dinner?

Mil has ran out of idea what to prepare for dinner, especially with hubby at home. Meaning if hub is taking dinner at home, she has to crack her head pretty hard to think of what to cook for 'this' fussy eater. Well, I can't simply sit back and do nothing as I know hub's mood gets affected if he didn't have a good dinner. Started two weeks ago, I have been preparing a dish or two before the night (standby just in case), mostly those dishes require marinating. As soon as I m back home from work, quickly change into home attire, went straight to the kitchen and start with the cooking. Though I am tired after a day at work, I am happy to cook for them and I really feel a sense of satisfaction when I see my family enjoys the dinner.

Here are few of the dishes to share...

Stuffed Sotong in Assam Pedas

Chicken Teriyaki

Asparagus with sambal hae-bee

Steamed Tofu Minced Meat in Gochujang Sauce