Friday, August 04, 2006

Steamed Kueh-Kueh

Read up on a recipe on ma-lai-gou and try it out. Not that kind of light and fluffy texture that sold outside..... I m still seaching for the recipe....

Ma-Lai-Gou (Malay Steamed Kuih)

Steamed Caramel Kuih
Recipe adapted from a cookbook.

Steamed Egg Cake with raisins
Recipe by Wink. Thank You.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Breads...

Making more breads nowasdays for my family consumption. Here there are 2 bread recipes shared by my forum pals, Peony and Lee. It's so soft, light and fluffy. I love it!

Chee Chong Fun Salad Roll

This is another easy-to-make and yet very yummy recipe shared by Jingle, a forum pal. No cooking is required and all you need is just few pcs of the Chee Chong Fun, few sheets of Seaweed, strips of cucumbers and carrots, crab-sticks, chicken/pork floss and mayo.

We had CCF making session in our office two days ago. We did it for our lunch and all the colleagues gave a THUMBS-UP for this! Simply SEDAP!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rice Pilaf & Vietnese Style Grilled Chicken

Elder ds, Brandon, is in sec one this year and Home Economics is one of the subjects that he will be touched on. So in June, he had his 1st hands-on baking and cooking lesson in school. He was really excited about it. On his 1st lesson, he was taught how to make Bread-On-Toast. He told me it was simply easy for him *lol* . On his second lesson, he was taught how to cook Rice Pilaf and Vietnese Style Grilled Chicken. This was definitely more difficult as it required longer cooking time and preparation. However, it was all worthwhile as the food is simply delicious. I pestered him to teach me over last weekends and he happily agreed to it.

Both ds and myself put in our effort to cook dinner for the family.

Here are the pics of the two yummy dishes and I made some green salad to go along with it.

Home-Made Pizza!

Using breadmachine instead of hand-knead for the pizza dough. This recipe is shared by a forum pal, curryman. Thanks for the recipe, curryman! This pizza dough has added mashed potato, something different as compared to the normal pizza dough that I had made before and the taste was really superb!

Made a Black Pepper Chicken Pizza and 2 Hawaii Pizzas:-

This is my second time using curryman recipe for my pizza. This recipe is definitely a keeper for me. My kids luv eating pizzas and I made some for them over the weekends... I cheated and replaced the the potatoes with potatoes flakes (instant, fr PH)... the taste is yummy too!

Made a few variety, do help yourself ya!!

Pizza Cheese Ring (w/extra cheese)

Lor-Mai-Kai (Chicken Glutinous Rice)

My children has been pestering me to make LMK for them long ago. I seek advise from few of my friends that I finally made them. All ingredients based on agaration. My children were the happy lot lah!

Tau Sar Piah

This is a great recipe shared by one of my forum pal, Lee. Even though lots of work but is worth the effort.

I made 2 different fillings:- Red Bean (sweet) and Mung Bean (semi-sweet salty).

Here are my TSP!

Durian Puffs/Tarlets/Crepes, Chocolate Eclairs & Cream Puffs

Is the durian season now. I bought some durians from my market and wondering what to do with the leftover as only younger ds is the one eating it... Then I decided to do with it with Durian Puffs and at the same time, made some Chocolate Eclairs and Cream Puffs for those non-durian eaters at home.

The Chox Pastry recipe is shared by a forum pal, chilipadinut. It's really good, definitely a keeper for me!

Here it is!

Durian Tartlets

Dad's Birthday

Is my dad's birthday on 20th July and I baked him a fruit cake. That's is his favourite! As I was on leave, I delivered the cake to my dad in the morning while on my way to ds's school to help out in their school charity fair.

Here're sharing the pics!