Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blueberry Birthday Cake

We had a small celebration in the evening with his grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunties, nieces and his close friends, vic and nigel. Was too busy with the cooking and forgotten about taking pics on the food hahaa...

Baked his favourite Blueberry Flavour Birthday Cake.

Brandon has turned 15!


Elder ds, Brandon, turned 15 on 17th Aug this year! This year he has his cell members to celebrate with him a day earlier. His group of cell members came as early as 7.30am to give him a surprise while he was still in bed..hahaha.. he was caught in his 'urgly' pyjamas...I wanted very much to tell him to wear a proper suit but afraid that he will be suspicious as I have promised his cell leader to keep mum about their plans. The members really put in their effort by making use of the carton boxes to make into all kind of props, very CREATIVE indeed!!! We had a good laugh!

To show my appreciation, I asked them to join Ds for breakfast. Each has a set of breakfast inclusive of a Chicken Pattie, a Burger Bun, a Hash Brown, Egg Omelette, Green Salads and a glass of fresh milk.

I baked some cupcakes, piped simple frosting and added some toppers and here present you a platter of B'day Cupcakes for Ds to celebrate his B'day with his cell members.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy 43rd Birthday, SINGAPORE!!!

Happy Birthday, SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dh is working today and will be back home past 12 midnite. Elder son has his own church activity today. In-laws will be out later with friends.... left with me and younger son at home. Well, I will not be cooking dinner tonite, most likely bringing my younger son out for dinner early today and back home on time to watch the National Day parade this evening :)) oh yes, bought some grated tapioca yesterday, hopefully I can grab a pkt of coconut milk at the supermarket later and bake some tonite...

D, here is the Tapioca Kueh that I baked!