Sunday, June 29, 2008

Masak-masak Challenge #2 - cooking on a budget

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Here is my contribution for Challenge #2- Ikan Assam Pedas with Rice

Went to the wet market this morning and visited a provision shop runs by a malay couple. I told the 'Encik' I am looking for some chilli paste to cook my stingray (something like those assam pedas fish that I often eat it at Nasi Padang stall). I wanted something real hot and spicy! He asked his wife for help and this kind lady generously advised me on what are the ingredients to be used and even on how to cook it! I quickly brought back what were needed and started cooking.

Here is our lunch today for 8 adults.

Cost of Ingredients:
Stingray - $5
Egg plants, lady fingers, cherry tomatoes & red chilli - S$ 2.00
Spices Ingredients fr provision shop - S$ 1.50 (total: S$ 3, use half)
Instant curry paste (for seafood) - S$ 1.80
Rice (3 cups) - S$ 3.00

Total: S$ 13.30

Ingredients used for cooking Ikan Assam Pedas:-

Garlics, Shallots, Gingers, Galangal and Lemon grass

Black Pepper Seeds

Blend garlics, shallots, gingers and black pepper seeds....

Daun Kesum (laksa leaves) & Limau Purut Leaves (kafir leaves)

Curry Paste

Assam Juice

Eggplants, Lady Fingers and Cherry Tomatoes

Stingrays soaked in assam juice to get rid of fishy smell...

Home-Baked Muffins by Alan Ooi (Stir & Bake Recipe)

I would like to share this simple muffin recipe by Alan Ooi, a professional baker cum instructor, and also a baking Consultant of Y3K. In this book, he shared a total of six muffin recipes. All the recipes are set out in an easy-to-follow format which make home-baking so easy.

I am sharing one of the six recipes. I have baked many many times since I bought this baking book.

yields : 13 muffins

290g plain flour
1 tbsp baking powder

230g caster sugar

3 eggs
120ml fresh milk
200g melted butter
1tsp vanilla essence

200g blueberry pie filling

1. Preheat oven to 190deg. (I set at 180deg)
2. Sieve ingred (A) into a big mixing bowl. Add in ingred (B), mix well.
3. Add in ingred (C) slowly, beat with a ballon whisk to combine ingred.
4. Spoon no. (3) into a piping bag. Pipe mixture into paper-lined tart moulds till three-quarters full. Arrange on a baking tray.
(I didn't follow. I used a measuring cup)
5. Spoon Ingred (D) into another piping bag. Pipe some filling into no. (4). Use a toothpick to create a swirling effect.
6. Bake no.(5) in the preheated oven for 20-25 mins or until Cool on wire racks.

I have used the above-recipe as the basic recipe, and just add any favourite filling of your choice. The followings are the different flavours of muffins that I have baked so far using this recipe....oh yes, I also added peach and strawberry slices as fillings too but didn't manage to take the pic.

Give it a try! I believe you can bake them well too :)

Canned Lychee


Dried Cranberries


Oreo Cookies

Chocolate Chips

Soft texture...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Father's Day Cake and Ice-Cream

These were the cakes for the 3 dads (my dad, my fil and my hubby):)

Peach Passion Non-Baked Cheesecake
(Using Hugbear's oreo cheesecake recipe, I replaced the cookies with peach and passion fruits> Thanks Lee for sharing the recipe)

Fruit Muffin Loaf

Banana Muffin Loaf with poppy seeds & almond nibs

Elder Ds suggested making his dad some ice-cream for Father's Day. So on Sat night, we did the ice-cream together. Based on whatever ingredients were available at home, he chosen 2 simple recipes from a book to try it out.

Mixed Berries Yogurt Ice-Cream

Strawberry Ice-Cream


"Bak-Zhang" anyone???

This is my first trial in making "Zhang" hehe.. Mum bought most of the ingredients for making "Zhang" but was too busy with baby-sitting that she has got no time to do it this year. Since all the ingredients were available, I volunteer to give it a try. I have never wrap one before, so I did some 'homework', got myself a book and read up Smile Though it took me quite a while to wrap one, eventually I finished all the wrappings..Waah, it took me more than half a day!




Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy Busy and still Busy.....

Phew! Finally managed to squeeze out sometimes to update my blog tonight... Well, mum-in-law has been away for more than a week, helping and taking care of my sis-in-law who has just given birth a month ago.My little niece, Baby Rachel was born April 22 and has just turned a month old last month. I was busy since then, my daily routine starts like this... working mum from mon to fri, prepare breakfasts and lunches before I leave for work, and rushing back to prepare dinners for hubby, my 2 boys and fil (didn't follow mil along). I have to plan the "Menu", what to cook for bkf, lunch and dinner daily *lol*.. I did all my marketing at supermarkets most of the time and only once a week at the wet market. That leaving me no time to bake at all. Well, at least I managed to make some Bak-Chang last Saturday..hehe.. That was my first trial, not too bad.. still edible hahaha.. will upload the pictures and post it soon:)

Younger ds and hubby just back from kopi session with bil and his family at E-Hub. Elder ds is feeling very grouchy now as they didn't get any food stuff for him. Guess I have got to go and prepare some light supper for him now. Byeeee....