Sunday, June 29, 2008

Masak-masak Challenge #2 - cooking on a budget

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Here is my contribution for Challenge #2- Ikan Assam Pedas with Rice

Went to the wet market this morning and visited a provision shop runs by a malay couple. I told the 'Encik' I am looking for some chilli paste to cook my stingray (something like those assam pedas fish that I often eat it at Nasi Padang stall). I wanted something real hot and spicy! He asked his wife for help and this kind lady generously advised me on what are the ingredients to be used and even on how to cook it! I quickly brought back what were needed and started cooking.

Here is our lunch today for 8 adults.

Cost of Ingredients:
Stingray - $5
Egg plants, lady fingers, cherry tomatoes & red chilli - S$ 2.00
Spices Ingredients fr provision shop - S$ 1.50 (total: S$ 3, use half)
Instant curry paste (for seafood) - S$ 1.80
Rice (3 cups) - S$ 3.00

Total: S$ 13.30

Ingredients used for cooking Ikan Assam Pedas:-

Garlics, Shallots, Gingers, Galangal and Lemon grass

Black Pepper Seeds

Blend garlics, shallots, gingers and black pepper seeds....

Daun Kesum (laksa leaves) & Limau Purut Leaves (kafir leaves)

Curry Paste

Assam Juice

Eggplants, Lady Fingers and Cherry Tomatoes

Stingrays soaked in assam juice to get rid of fishy smell...


singairishgirl said...

Wow, I would love a portion thank you very much. ;)

Cranberry said...

come come Deb, I can cook for you :)