Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sharing with you my 3 Awards

Yippe! I have got 3 awards to share here! Thanks singairishgirl, CookBake Legacy and Zu's Kitchen for awarding me the Forever Friends Award. Thank you so much dear! :)

I would like to pass this award to:-
1)My culinary Journal
2)Baking Mum
3)Little Corner of Mine
4)East Meets West Kitchen
6)The Dutchess
7)Ellena Mummy
8)Precious Moments
10)Yochana's Cake Delight
11)Yan De'Lites
12)My Kitchen My laboratory
13) Tweetybird
*** singairishgirl, CookBake Legacy, Zu's Kitchen (can I pass back the award to you again? hehe)


I have got another 2 awards from singairishgirl , so sweet of her! The Nice Matters Award looks really pretty, Peace Award looks cool. Sorry for taking so long to accept it.



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day

Is our 16th year Wedding Anniversary on 14th Feb'08. Dh was on afternoon shift so we met up for a quick lunch at Laguna Golf and Country Club which is near to my office.

I made some chocolates for him using the chocolate casing and toppers which I bought during my recent trip to HK :)

Agar Agar Mould

Bought a flower-shaped and a Grape designed agar agar moulds quite sometimes back. Finally I used the later one to make agar-agar during CNY.

Dh's Birthday - 11th Feb 2008

Dh turning a year older on 11th Feb. Baked some B'day cuppies and a Peach Marshmallow Cake for him to celebrate with a group of friends at home.

Lemon Creamcheese Cupcakes

If I am not wrong, Peony shared this recipe in her blog. Thanks for the recipe, dear!

Baked these quite sometimes ago, the texture is really very light and soft! YUMMY!


Dad needed a cake for prayer. I told him I will bake a butter cake for him. He loves all kind of cakes especially butter cake :)

Source: Hugbear's butter cake recipe

Last batch of CNY Cookies

These were the last batch of cookies that I baked for CNY. The children enjoyed eating the MM and the adults adored the ROC.



Monday, February 04, 2008


I thought I couldn't make it on time to bake my CNY cookies this year as I started out so late. But with the help from my mum, bro and michelle (bro's galfriend), I baked my first batch of CNY cookies yesterday. Hey! they came to my rescue!

I continued to bake again today and I do have two more cookies in my to-do-list and hopefully I can complete by this Wed.

Thanks Jo for her Peanut Cookie recipe and Got2bme for her Pineapple Tarts recipe.

Peanut Cookies

Pineapple Tarts