Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Puff... Puff... Durian....Blueberry Puffs

Is Durian Season again! These were the puffs I made with the durian meat. I didn't puree the meat.. just using a fork to simply smash them....still can see the big chunks of meat in there *lol*

I made some blueberry filling puffs for my elder son who is not a fan of durians.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

EZ Fruit Cake

This is another fruit cake. Recipe shared by S_ter and posted by Reena, both my IK pal. Thanks dear.

This taste more like tea bread to me. Anyway, cake or bread, my in-laws still love eating it. Yeh!

Brownie Muffin

I am not a chocolate lover but I love this brownie muffin very much. Thanks to Stephanie, my IK pal for sharing this yummy and very chocolatey muffin recipe. I didn't overbake the muffins so the texture came out really soft and moist. And I used Lindt 70% Cocoa chocolate bar. Yummy!

Break Making - Part 2

Bread Making - Part 1

Durian ..... Blueberry........Cakes........

King of Fruits - Durians are in season now. Paid 20 bucks for 5 good and meaty durians near my market on Saturday. With the durians, I decided to make 2 durian cakes, one for my sis and one for my parents. All of them are durian lovers! My family is not a fan of durian, thus I made them a blueberry cake instead.