Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Puff... Puff... Durian....Blueberry Puffs

Is Durian Season again! These were the puffs I made with the durian meat. I didn't puree the meat.. just using a fork to simply smash them....still can see the big chunks of meat in there *lol*

I made some blueberry filling puffs for my elder son who is not a fan of durians.


Sylvia said...

Hello Jestina,

Very drooling looking puffs u have here =)ooo

Thx for your regards.. i received liao kekeke


Anonymous said...

i saw your post on tau sar pia by LeeLee, cld u post ur recipe in your blog?i can't get that recipe!



Anonymous said...

Jes, This is sooo sinful and yet so inviting. I am drooling!~

Diana (wink)

evan said...

hi there, i love your blog. all your bakes look so yummy!

Cranberry said...

Thanks sylvia, take care and will catch up with you soon.

hi michelle, yes, i have posted the tau sar pia recipe in my blog.

Thanks diana, yeh is very sinful..once in a bluemoon ok lah.. do try making them.. is very yummy.

Thanks evan, love your blog too, so beautiful done up and your macaronslooks so inviting and all the colors are so vibrant.