Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Break Making - Part 2


tweetybird said...

Hi Jestina,

I'm drooling over all ur bakes :)oooo

is it easy to bake these breads? thinking of making them cos my family is bread ppl.. come to think of it.. they are food ppl lol

Cranberry said...

Hey TB, how are you feeling? yeh.. making of bread is much easier now for me as I started to use my mixer to knead the dough, meaning the kneading time cut short liao.. my family also bread ppl... eat bo sian one hahaha..
try doing it yrself yeh! I used Lee Lee's sweet bun dough recipe, very soft and yummy.

tweetybird said...

thx for ur reply.. =)

i'm coping.. cycle 5 liao.. thx for asking..

hmm maybe i will half the recipe and try.. so tempted by ur beautiful creations leh hahaha

Cranberry said...

glad you re coping well. Alice aka champagne also did half a recipe last nite. She also said very nice. take care yeh..