Monday, April 16, 2007

Dh's craving for Tau-Sar-Piah (with recipe)

dh craving for Lee Lee's tau-sar piah so i made some for him yesterday :wink: Thanks for the recipe, Lee.

Verdict: the green bean paste is very the flaky skin.

the bigger TSP is for dh to tapao to work for his breakfast this morning...

Bread Making

It has been months that I have not make any bread... machine turning rusting liao and I have to get into action again :lol:

Made some sweet and savoury breads over the weekend using Lee Lee's basic sweet bread dough recipe. Thanks Lee.

Simple Spong Cake & Muffins

baked some simple sponge cake and dust with snow powder for dh's to bring it to office to share with his colleagues....

hehe... baked 4 varieties... cranberry muffins, fruity muffins, oreo muffins and chocolate chip muffins for my son's football kakis afternoon tea.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Dinner at East Coast Lagoon

Dinner at East Coast Lagoon one week ago... a wine and dine session with my family and few of our family friends... dinner was very good and the wine was great too. I only had a sip as I ve to be the chaffeur for that nite kekeke....

forgot to snap all the yummy dishes, luckily i got hold of a few food pics...

Steamed Shark Head in special bean sauce

Steamed Shark Head - BEFORE

and AFTER...

BBQ Stingray

Sambal Sotong


BBQ Chicken Wings

Sharing what I did on weekend...

Bought a kilo of the grated tapioca from a wetmarket and tried out making the pan- fried tapioca kueh for tea-break.

my first attempt in making peng-kueh.... had a hard time kneading the dough cos all stick to my fingers *phew*. These were made for my mum and brother's tea-break when they visited me yesterday.

I love the pan-fried PK.... skin is crispy..yummy!

Prepared this for lunch yesterday for my kids and in-laws. Char Kway Teow with no cockles as I used what I could find from my fridge.

Min-Jiang-Kueh aka Chinese Pancakes

Made some min-jiang-kueh (chinese pancakes) for breakfast on a morning.

Thanks my dear friend, Lucy for her recipe. My family enjoyed it very very much..Taste very yummy while eaten hot!

Pot Stickers (Guo-Tie)

Making Hugbear's guo-tie for our lunch on Sunday.

Thanks for the recipe, Lee.

Pot-sticker is a dumpling filled with ground meat, vegetables, or other ingredients that is browned on one side and then simmered. All eaten dipped in black vinegar and thinly sliced young ginger *extract fr website*

More Huat-Kueh...

made about 80pcs Fa-Gao for "Qing-Ming" on Saturday.... 3 different flavours, dark brown sugar, orange sugar and chocolate...

with dark brown sugar...

chocolate huat-kueh..

with orange sugar...

Zu's Chocolate Cheesecake

Baked Zu's Chocolate Cheesecake as dessert for my guests on Chap Gor Mei dinner. Double the recipe so that my guests can ta-bao some home

Thanks Zu for the recipe. My guests loved it very very muchy!

topped with crushed oreo....
Made Lee Lee's mashmallow cake. The strawberry one is for my bil's b'day. Since I ve few very ripe mangoes sitting in the fridge, I made one with the mangoes.

Baked one lot of Chocolate Chip Cookies (w&w/o almond nuts) for my children and packed a box as a birthday gift for a girlfriend.

Made some muay-chee for our tea on a saturday afternoon.