Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Purple Award

wow! An award for me? I am so honoured. Thanks to Peony, my forum pal, a loving granny who can bake so well and prepare those beautiful bento sets for her lovely grandson. I am really paiseh to receive this award peony... anyway, thank you. Congratulations to the rest of the award receivers too.

From here, I would like to pass on this special award to a special friend cum 'Si-fu', Lee Lee aka Hugbear. She was there for me whenever I need help on baking or cooking tips. I started my passion into baking right after I joined m4m. It was Alice, another special friend of mine who brought me in to m4m that I get to know so many great ladies there who shared with me their recipes & tips too. Thanks Alice and Lee!

Final batch of mooncakes for this year...

These are the last batch of moonies that I made for this year...Did a calculation, the ingredients has cost me at least $250! But I am glad. At least I made enough to give away as gifts to my parents, sil and bil families as well as close family friends and colleagues.

I have got so many people to thanks for, without them, I wouldn't be able to have their tested recipes as well as guidance.

Thanks Lucy for the traditional mooncake recipe. I was told that I have to keep at least 4 days for the oil to come out and the pastry will be soft and nice.

Thanks Lee Lee for the walnut mooncake recipe. I made these last year and everyone wanted again this year..yummilicious definitely!

Thanks stan17 for the spiral mooncake recipe, the pastry is very yummy but I didn't do well for the rolling part, really need 'kang-hu'!

Thanks Jo aka Mooncake for the snowskin recipe. Yummy too!

and thanks to my colleagues and friends who has help to collect very nice pretty mooncake boxes for me too!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baked Flaky Mooncakes

This is another mooncake recipe which I will make yearly to give away as gifts during Mooncake Festival.
Recipe is shared by Lee Lee aka Hugbear. Thanks Lee:)

I gave a box to a friend of mine who left for LA last monday. She is bringing back to share with her room-mates. Just hope that she like it:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Snowskin Moonies for children..

Aren't they cute?

These were made for my kids, their cousins and friends. So cute!!!!! hehe.. got this idea from a forum pal (m4m) who made her moonies using these little egg moulds. Thanks for sharing the idea.

More snowskin mooncakes to drool on...

This is my third batch of snowskin moonies that I made last Saturday. For this batch of Red Wine Berry moonies, I added some red wine into the skin dough. Wow! The taste was absolutely GREAT! Thanks to my Dad who sponsored me the red wine :) Everyone who tried it gave a Thumbs Up for this! Yeh!

the red wine berry paste goes very well with this red wine snowskin... yummy!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Red Wine Berry and Mango Lotus Snowskin

Using another snowskin recipe by Jo, a pal from a food forum, IK. Thanks Jo! For the earlier batch of snowskin moonies, I used the gao-fen (fried glutinous rice flour) from PH. This round, I used Japan Gao-Fen from Ailin Bakery House as recommended by my sil, which she said is better. Anyway, those who tried, how was the texture yeah??

oh btw, went KCT last Saturday to get some mooncake pastes for my moonies. Got myself a pkt each of Red Wine Berry Paste, Mango Lotus Paste and Pure White Lotus Paste (Less Sweet). I quite like the red wine berry paste thou.. sweet soury kind of taste and chewy cranberry fruits blend it quite well...thou some said is sweet but for me is still acceptable... and the aroma of the red wine not that strong, quite light actually.

Ailin Bakery House
845 Geylang Road #01-48
Tanjong Katong ComplexSingapore 400845
Tel : 6743 2693
Opening Hours : 9.30am to 7pm

Kwong Cheong Thye
No.61-63, Lorong 27 Geylang
Off Sims Ave
Singapore 388186
Tel: 6748 0128

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Snowskin Moonies

This is my first batch of moonies for year 2007. As usual, I used Mooncake's recipe. Jo aka Mooncake is also another forum pal (from m4m) who shared with me her snowskin moonie recipe. I have been using it every year. Thanks dear!

Mango Pomelo

Is easy to get pomelo now since is in season as Mooncake Festival is round the corner. This dessert is very refreshing.. love to add lots and lots of chunky mango cubes and pomelo bits, is so yummy!

Thanks Edith, a forum pal who shared this recipe.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I made Onde-Onde last nite...

My galfriend, Doris, came over on tue nite for dinner. We ended up in the kitchen doing Onde-Onde together for our coffee session much later on. Thanks stan17, a forum pal for sharing her recipe. It was still soft the next day. Btw, the colours are beautiful, aren't they? No colouring added ok, the colours are from the sweet pototoe itself. This recipe is definitely a keeper for me.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Baked Donuts Craze - Part 2

These were baked for a Sunday afternoon tea. Dss were craving for it again..haha..Bil's family were around to join us.

As usual, the chocolate and strawberry toppings donuts for the kids. For the adults, they had kaya, blueberry and apple donuts instead. Kaya and blueberry fillings were bought from stores and I did the apple filling myself.

Apple Sauce Filling:
(agaration recipe)

2 green apples and 1 red apple
light brown sugar (to taste)
lemon juice (from 1/2 lemon)
cinammon powder (1 - 2 tsp)
1/2 cup water

1) peel and core apples, cut into slices or cubes.
2) place all ingredients (except lemon juice and cinammon powder) in a pot, cook on slow fire till apples soften (abt 80% soften). Add lemon juice and cinammon powder. Mix well.
3) cool and ready to use. Keep remaining in fridge.

Teachers' Day Cakes

Baked 4 cakes for Teachers' Day this year.

Fruity Cake

Seashell Chocolate Cake

American Chocolate Cake with ganache and strawberries

American Chocolate Cake with ganache and mixed fruits