Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Final batch of mooncakes for this year...

These are the last batch of moonies that I made for this year...Did a calculation, the ingredients has cost me at least $250! But I am glad. At least I made enough to give away as gifts to my parents, sil and bil families as well as close family friends and colleagues.

I have got so many people to thanks for, without them, I wouldn't be able to have their tested recipes as well as guidance.

Thanks Lucy for the traditional mooncake recipe. I was told that I have to keep at least 4 days for the oil to come out and the pastry will be soft and nice.

Thanks Lee Lee for the walnut mooncake recipe. I made these last year and everyone wanted again this year..yummilicious definitely!

Thanks stan17 for the spiral mooncake recipe, the pastry is very yummy but I didn't do well for the rolling part, really need 'kang-hu'!

Thanks Jo aka Mooncake for the snowskin recipe. Yummy too!

and thanks to my colleagues and friends who has help to collect very nice pretty mooncake boxes for me too!


singairishgirl said...

sob sob. does that mean I don't get any mooncakes? next year I come learn from you, ok? ;)

Cranberry said...

why sob?? I still can make provided I have all the ingredients.haha..How abt Red Wine Berry Snowskin?? kekeke..

Ellena said...

Wow.. cranberry your mooncake are Super... all so nice and creative.... :) Good Work.!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jes...that was a big project! All are so pretty and so profesionally done :)


Yan's Delites said...

can i place my name on your list for collection of the lovely mooncakes for next yr ? =p

kudos to the superb baking, making & packaging etc....


singairishgirl said...

No lah, no lah, I just kidding. Anyway, I like the flaky one or the baked one better than snow skin (thick skin - I mean me). Hahaha. But next year ok? I will come and learn from you. ;) Hey Cranberry, btw, I didn't notice you had posted in my May archive. That was probably b4 I enabled the comment moderation. Anyway, yes, that is my princess. And no pic of me lah. I not as pretty. Hehe.

Cranberry said...

Thanks ellena, diana and yan.

yan, join me and singairishgirl for next year mooncake making session ok?

oh yes singairishgirl, i was at your blog browsing thru your May archive..then saw this little pretty girl, wondering if she is your darling dd. So she is yeah, so pretty yah. I envy lah..i only ve 2 sons, no daughter lor.

Yan's Delites said...

i would gladly join u wonderful ladies next yr if time permits for the mooncake making.

meantime, i will not hesitate to view & drool your blogs of foodies & hopefully improve my baking skills 1st cos u ladies are so far ahead in baking talent.


singairishgirl said...

Ahem, I'm sorry Yan, but I'm nowhere compared to cranberry's standard.

Ah cranberry, yes we will do it next year. :) I like girls too. ;) Lucky me.

Cranberry said...

ok gals, let's look forward to next year mid-autumn ok! hehe

singairishgirl said...

Yes, yes, yes, looking forward. :)

Yan's Delites said...

looking forward to next yr's pre mid autumn moonies making agenda. =)

Cranberry said...

Yes, Yes, singairishgirl and yan, let's look forward to it!

Anonymous said...


My girls love baked mooncakes ALOT, and I am very attracted to your walnut mooncakes (by LeeLee)

Not sure whether, you can share the recipe with me.

My email add:

Priscilyn said...

hi cranberry,
your mooncakes look so awesome! may I know where you got the hello kitty mould?