Friday, November 16, 2007

MeMe: Five Things

MeMe : Five Things
I got tagged by Chawanmushi for this meme..hahaha..

so this is me!

Found in my room :
TV/dvd/vcd player
Bookbasket(contains part of my cookbooks)
Dressing drawers (contains all my accessories)
my portable dvd player

Found in my handbag :
make-up kit
tissue paper
foldable fan

Found in my wallet :
EZ linkcard
Notes and coins
atm cards / credit cards
discount cards (popular, robinsons, metro etc..)

I've always wanted to ....
... try out all kinds of baking and cooking for my family and friends.
... to travel around the world with my hubby.
... be a great mum who would love to see my boys excel in their study, get a good job, getting married, start a family.
... eat all kinds of food that I wanted but still maintain a good figure hahaha..fat hope!

I'm currently into ...
... blogging and making new friends.
... meeting up old friends and classmates which I have lost touch since secondary school days.
... making plans for family's Christmas gatherings this year.

A very simple Me! And I'll tag

My Genting trip (Photo album is up!)

This is my very FIRST TRIP to Genting, Malaysia. My 2 sons too, both have never been there before. They were more excited than me. We, a group of 10, all family members, left on Monday, 5th Nov and returned on 8th Nov. We booked a reasonable package tour of 10pax from Grasslands Travel and were given Royal Vip seats and accommodated us at Hotel Genting *Coach to/fro & accommodation only*. I love the weather a lot more than I expected. It was just so cooling...My kids were having their great time at the in house game arcade and cybercafe. Oh yes, I visited the casinos every nite.. haha..trying my luck at the jackpots.. haiz.. lucky star is not with me!

More marshmallow cakes

Baked 3 marshmallow cakes at one go...oh no is 4 in total in fact. 3 I did it at home and 1 more I did it at my sis's place to show her the demo. She has been wanting to try doing it herself but no confidence to do it alone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am BACK!!!!

Hello everybody, I am back from holidays!! Missed everyone here...:) was pretty tired thru out the journey but I enjoyed myself, shopping and good company. This is my first trip to Genting, the weather was so cooling, I Luv it!

Still downloading my pictures and will be posting them shortly:)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Away for holidays

Dear ladies, I will be away for holidays starting this coming Monday till the Sunday. Will miss you all!

Take care everyone :)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Crispy Meat with Garlic Ginger & Chilli Padi

Again, my sis-in-laws given me a kg of meat. She said is 'wu-hua-rou', those meat used for making char-siew. To me, it looks more like 'san-chen-rou' aka pork belly meat. Anyway, I guess you can use either one, 'wu-hua-rou' or 'san-chen-rou'.

Simple Ingredients:
'Wu-Hua-Rou'/ 'San-Chen-Rou'
finely chopped garlic and ginger
sliced chilli padi
some olive oil
light soya sauce to taste

Pan-Fried Saba Fish

My sis-in-law gave me 6 big pcs (whole fish) of Saba. Those Saba fish you eat it in Korean or Japanese restaurants. They either pan fried it, squeeze abit of lemon juice over it, that's it, is so yummy. My children love it with sauce. I did both.