Friday, November 02, 2007

Crispy Meat with Garlic Ginger & Chilli Padi

Again, my sis-in-laws given me a kg of meat. She said is 'wu-hua-rou', those meat used for making char-siew. To me, it looks more like 'san-chen-rou' aka pork belly meat. Anyway, I guess you can use either one, 'wu-hua-rou' or 'san-chen-rou'.

Simple Ingredients:
'Wu-Hua-Rou'/ 'San-Chen-Rou'
finely chopped garlic and ginger
sliced chilli padi
some olive oil
light soya sauce to taste


singairishgirl said...

Sorry Jes, not on this topic... I would like to know if you have a recipe for icing. In one of your posts with the honey vanilla cupcakes you mentioned about cutting down on icing sugar. Does that not affect the texture of the frosting? Will it be able to hold?

Cranberry said...

Hi, I do have a vanilla butter cream recipe. One of my forum pal shared it in M4M. I used that recipe but I cut down on the icing sugar. To hold the frosting well, I guess you will have to follow the recipe to a T, that's mean follow the exact quantity of sugar used in the recipe. The cream is softer if less icing sugar is added, thus it will not hold very well. The more you add, the cream will be able to hold the shape well. But is really too sweet.

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Well I think the bird's eye chili is small but packs quite a lot of heat

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