Friday, November 16, 2007

MeMe: Five Things

MeMe : Five Things
I got tagged by Chawanmushi for this meme..hahaha..

so this is me!

Found in my room :
TV/dvd/vcd player
Bookbasket(contains part of my cookbooks)
Dressing drawers (contains all my accessories)
my portable dvd player

Found in my handbag :
make-up kit
tissue paper
foldable fan

Found in my wallet :
EZ linkcard
Notes and coins
atm cards / credit cards
discount cards (popular, robinsons, metro etc..)

I've always wanted to ....
... try out all kinds of baking and cooking for my family and friends.
... to travel around the world with my hubby.
... be a great mum who would love to see my boys excel in their study, get a good job, getting married, start a family.
... eat all kinds of food that I wanted but still maintain a good figure hahaha..fat hope!

I'm currently into ...
... blogging and making new friends.
... meeting up old friends and classmates which I have lost touch since secondary school days.
... making plans for family's Christmas gatherings this year.

A very simple Me! And I'll tag


Chawanmushi said...

Hi cranberry
Thanks for doing this. I thought you one busy woman too busy to do this LOL. By the way your holiday to Genting reminded me of mine with the children many years ago.
You go to casino only ah ... you know the house will always win no matter what lah LOL. You didn't go visit the theme park ?

Cranberry said...

Hi chawanmushi,

hehe..tat's why i took so long*lol*

yalor, only to casino but every night difficult to win.. I didn't go to their theme park, my children went. They didn't like it so went in for a while only..waste $$ hor..They enjoyed more at the Cybercafe (computer games) and game arcades only. I like most is the weather, so cooling.

essay companies said...

I look at me room and found the same items %)..........crazzzzzy, isn't it? looks like we think the same