Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Home-made Kaya

have been quite a while since I last made kaya... made some for my family and parents as both side love kaya very much. This recipe was shared by a forum pal, biscuits. Thank you so much 'biscuits', it taste great! Here is the recipe.

Doughtnuts for afternoon tea..

have not get myself a new oven yet, so can't bake anything out of it at the moment. Fingers getting itchy today...luckily, with the help of my breadmaker, I kneaded some dough to make some doughnuts for my children tea-break this afternoon It's has been quite a while since I last made this...

Doughnut recipe shared by Hugbear. Thanks Lee.

Mother's Day Cakes Year 2007

For this year mother's day, my intention is to bake 2 cakes, one for my mil and one for my mum. Very unlucky, my oven broke down on friday night which I am supposed to make 3 spongecakes. In the end I managed to bake only one sponge cake (borrowed Lee Lee's oven) as I have almost completed mixing my spongecake batter.

I have to do w/o baking and did those non-bake cakes instead.

This is for my mum.

more non-baked ones for some parties...

This was the only spongecake that I baked using Lee Lee's Oven. Thanks Lee.

I made a Strawberry Shortcake for my mil.

No baking at the moment....

Arrghh!!!!!!! oven is down, need to get a replacement before I can bake anything. BORED BORED!!! esp is holiday now and the kids, I mean my own kids and bil/sils' children are expecting some bakes from me this holiday. The Kids are asking what am I baking for them??? I told them ve to wait till I get a new oven. They're sad, no bakes from me till then! Sorry kids! Will bake more to compensate OK!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Roti Jala & Chwee-Kueh

Thanks Jam, a forum pal for sharing her roti jala recipe. It's Yummy! Made some for yesterday lunch and cooked some chicken curry to go with it. Didn't do it very nicely tho..must practice more to get the roti jala nicely done.

My niece requested for some chwee kueh and i made some for her. Didn't have the chwee kueh moulds so i do w/o it.. using disposable aluminium tart tins.

Fruity & Chocolate Cuppies

With left over fruits from the bigger cake... I made them into cuppies!.... bottom is layed with vanilla sponge cubes, scooped some "Fruiche (Mix Berry)" - a fruit dessert base which i bought from Meidya supermart and topped with cut fruits

These were made for younger ds who is a chocolate lover. Chocolate sponge cubes as the base, topped with some melted chocolate and decorate as you wish. He offered to help me with the decoration.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Baked a Fruity Cake for my Bro's B'day!

Hey Bro! Happy B'day To U! Not getting old anymore... better get a GF soon or else mum will continue to nag hahaha..

This fruity cake and dishes were baked and prepared for my bro, Samuel to celebrate his b'day on 28th April, tho his actual b'date is on 3rd May.

Sponge Cupcakes

I am gonna say it again eventho I have repeatedly said it so many times.. Lee Lee's spongecake recipe is definitely a keeper! Finally, I attempted the spongecake in cups hehe.. the cakes didn't have the chance to keep till the next day, all were gone within an hour!

Baked Tapioca Kueh

Baked some Tapioca Kuehs as I had some balance grated tapioca still sitting in my freezer. Not too sweet and is very nice.

These two dishes were prepared for our dinner sometimes back.. Ds pestered me to cook for them Sweet and Sour Pork and I obliged. I also used some hae-bee-hiam to fry the eggplants.

Bryan is 12th this year!

Ds no.2 is turning 12th this year! Actual b'date is 27th April but we had it celebrated few days earlier on a Saturday as the actual b'date falls on a weekday. Nothing grand as usual, cooked few party dishes and had a small party over at home with few family members and his kakis.

I started making and frosting the cake one night beforehand and ended up completing the cake at abt 2am in the morning! Phew!! finally done up as what he has wanted for - a chocolate oreo cake! Did 3 spongecakes and made it tall. Did a ganarche frosting and simple decorations for the cake. In between the layers of sponge were crushed oreo cookies, that's what he likes.

Thanks Alice for her Devil Curry, Mum-in-law cooked the Glutinous Rice and my sis for making the jellies.