Friday, May 04, 2007

Bryan is 12th this year!

Ds no.2 is turning 12th this year! Actual b'date is 27th April but we had it celebrated few days earlier on a Saturday as the actual b'date falls on a weekday. Nothing grand as usual, cooked few party dishes and had a small party over at home with few family members and his kakis.

I started making and frosting the cake one night beforehand and ended up completing the cake at abt 2am in the morning! Phew!! finally done up as what he has wanted for - a chocolate oreo cake! Did 3 spongecakes and made it tall. Did a ganarche frosting and simple decorations for the cake. In between the layers of sponge were crushed oreo cookies, that's what he likes.

Thanks Alice for her Devil Curry, Mum-in-law cooked the Glutinous Rice and my sis for making the jellies.

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