Thursday, August 02, 2007

No baking for a week or more...

Took a short break ... No baking after mid and towards end of July due to swelling of my gums, not sure what went wrong with me.. either me too heaty or something to do with my teeth. It really hurts so badly, seen a doctor and put on medications for 5 days.. given a day mc to rest at home. I was advised by the doc to make appointment to see my dentist soon. Got an appointment date, 22/8.. so long yeh.. no choice, dentist very popular so have to Q. Hope I get better before I see my dentist soon *lol*


Chawanmushi said...

Glad that you're feeling better now seeing that you have been baking up a storm LOL.

Bleeding gums and pain ah ?
You taking enough Vitamin C or not?

Take care hor! :-)

Cranberry said...

Thanks Cecily.. I m feeling better now.. yeh, gum bleeds and swell, so painful, didn't sleep well for days. I didn't take enuf Vit C lor and dh kept scolding me for not taking care of myself. So now everyday check on me, ask me got drink enuf water and have enuf fruits or not..keke..

I can't wait to recover and bake lor.. u know lah, hands itchy mah..haha..