Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy 43rd Birthday, SINGAPORE!!!

Happy Birthday, SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dh is working today and will be back home past 12 midnite. Elder son has his own church activity today. In-laws will be out later with friends.... left with me and younger son at home. Well, I will not be cooking dinner tonite, most likely bringing my younger son out for dinner early today and back home on time to watch the National Day parade this evening :)) oh yes, bought some grated tapioca yesterday, hopefully I can grab a pkt of coconut milk at the supermarket later and bake some tonite...

D, here is the Tapioca Kueh that I baked!


SIG said...

Ooo.. I wanna see those bakes. Abandoned, huh? But it's good to have precious time with the little one and some peace at home too. ;) Did u get your mixer?

Chawanmushi said...

hi Jestina
Long time no "see" LOL.
Hope that you had enjoyed the National Day Parade.
My dh and I have always watched it at home. This year we also watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony the day before and we kept comparing the grandeur of it all LOL. Alas, so difficult not to compare the two celebrations.

Cranberry said...

Hi D,I didn't get the mixer at Harvey , they came in complete set which I didn't want it. And I was lucky, mil said she has one set in the storeroom which she won in a lucky draw event...hehe...heng ah :)

Hi Cecily, yup, such a long time are u getting on? I have not been baking alot now..guess lazy bugs growing in me..hehe..

SIG said...

Hahaha, realy lucky. Yum. I was in a shop that day and saw tapioca cakes. They had samples and was yum. Was gonna get it for you this sat but now I see you baked your own lol.

tweetybird said...


Wah, i wanna eat too.

Anonymous said...


I love to eat baked tapocia kueh very much and would like to try to bake one after seeing yours. Is looks like those I usually bought from cake shop.

Appreicate very much if you can share or email receipt to :

Many thanks

Cranberry said...

Yes Deb, I baked my own as the one sold outside is abit too sweet for me. For home-bake, i can reduce the sugar:) Thanks.. your Zhang and Macaroons are so yummy!

tweetybird, how are u lately? still bake alot??

Esther, here is the link:-