Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rice Pilaf & Vietnese Style Grilled Chicken

Elder ds, Brandon, is in sec one this year and Home Economics is one of the subjects that he will be touched on. So in June, he had his 1st hands-on baking and cooking lesson in school. He was really excited about it. On his 1st lesson, he was taught how to make Bread-On-Toast. He told me it was simply easy for him *lol* . On his second lesson, he was taught how to cook Rice Pilaf and Vietnese Style Grilled Chicken. This was definitely more difficult as it required longer cooking time and preparation. However, it was all worthwhile as the food is simply delicious. I pestered him to teach me over last weekends and he happily agreed to it.

Both ds and myself put in our effort to cook dinner for the family.

Here are the pics of the two yummy dishes and I made some green salad to go along with it.

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