Saturday, October 11, 2008


We enjoyed every single dish! From the 1st dish till the last. It was simply YUMMILICIOUS !! Especially hubby, he was smiling the whole evening, definitely he was not tipsy from the wine that he drank...hahaha.. I can see he really enjoyed the food as much as I did.

I have to thank my dearest friend, Alice, who introduced me to YUAN WEI DEEP SEA (Giant Grouper) FISH PORRIDGE & FISH STEAMBOAT. The restaurant owner, Mr Heng Heng and his wife, Eve, are very nice and friendly couple. Chef Bee with his great cooking skills, we indulged the uniquely dishes that he came out with. From fish lips, fish liver to fish skin... just to name a few. I will let the pictures do the talking hehe..!!

Oh, btw, I was told their Giant Grouper weighs abt 30kg each!!! WOW, indeed very Gigantic!!

A BIG THANK YOU TO Alice, Bernard & Doris. Both hub and myself had a great evening.


1001 Serangoon Road Singapore 328165

Time: 1700 - 0400

Owner: Heng Heng

Telephone / Fax: 62977255 Handphone: 91963354

THIS IS THE PLACE!!! LOOK, they operate till 4am!!

Awards and Recommendation

Giant Garoupa Hor Fun

This is so called the "Gon-Hor" (Dry). This is really GOOD! A MUST TRY!!!

Button Mushroom, Black Mushroom & Straw Mushroom Fried w Garlic & Bean Root

Giant Garoupa Fish Mee-Sua
hehe...this is from the boss, Heng Heng. Specially cooked for me cos is my B-day. So nice of him.

Winter Mushroom & Bean Root w Pepper Salt


Giant Garoupa Fish Liver

Claypot-Stewed Giant Garoupa Fish Lip


Grated Garlic Fried w Chinese Kale


Salted Egg Fried Rice

Giant Garoupa Fish Skin w Black Pepper

Egg Plant Slices w Pepper Salt

Sambal Special

One of the wines that we had........

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Study Hard, Nat!!!

I have promised my galfriend, Jaslyn's dd (Nat) to bake her some cupcakes long time ago. Actually, I did it once to bring it to a gathering, but somehow J forgot to bring it home for Nat :( :(

Nat, Auntie Jes has kept her promised. Here are the cupcakes I baked for you. Do Study Hard for your coming final exam ok!! Next sch holiday, ask Mummy to bring you to my house, we bake together, ok?? :)

Mango Pomelo Dessert

Using Home-Grown Pomelo, I made the Dessert - MANGO POMELO.

The Pomelo Tree was planted and taken care by my father-in-law. Very juicy and sweet!! Yum Yum! :)

Chocolate Brownies

Clearing 3 blocks of my Lindt 85% dark chocolate bar due to expire in Nov, I baked some brownies and gave away to my nieces and nephews.

Chocolate Brownie with Macadamia Nuts

Chocolate Brownie with Pineapple Paste

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Chips