Monday, January 14, 2008

Recent bakes

My children wouldn't get bored with all these breads and muffins ... I am still unwell but managed to bake a little with the help from my children and mum-in-law doing the tidious washing after baking.

Minced Beef with Mayo and Pasta Sauce

Chicken Sausage Buns

Honey Ham Buns

Bacon & Cheese Mayo Buns

Tuna Mayo Buns

Raisin Buns

Sugar Cheesy Buns

Assorted Muffins


Little Corner of Mine said...

All your buns just mouth-watering! I have yet to make this kind of savory buns, but man yours sure look darn delicious!

singairishgirl said...

Aiyoh I haven't had breakfast and opening your blog my tummy went growling. I want those breads! So yum, esp the savoury ones... tuna, ham, yum yum.

tweetybird said...

wow wow wow! pei fu u leh.. still can bake a storm

Hope ur cough will ease soon and that u and ur hubby will hv a great time in HK!

Ellena said...

wow...all these buns look so delicious... You can consider to open a bakery shop le.... :)

Cranberry said...

Thanks mummy cough is slightly better today but haiz... elder son fell sick today, sore throat and down with fever.Just back from the clinic an hour ago.

chicchicbaby said...

Jes, you can win Breadtalk anytime.

FeR said...

this is called a little baking?


It's a whole lot! And they look oh-so-good!

Cranberry said...

chicchicbaby and fer, thanks for the compliments.. Xin-Nian-Kuai-Le! Gong Xi Fatt Cai!!