Monday, February 26, 2007

Colleagues' Luncheon - 25th Feb 2007

As usual for CNY, I gathered few of my colleagues and their family members over to my hse for a CNY luncheon.

Came back from a bbq party on Saturday near 12 midnite and started to marinate my char siew and making my agar agar till 2am. Work up at 7am again next morning to get ready busy in my kithen preparing food for our Sunday luncheon. Tired but very happy to see my guests tucking in the food happily.


Chawanmushi said...

Wow...Jess... you are really hardworking and so full of energy.
I come back from BBQ party I will head straight for the bed ... LOL
Yummylicious all the way.

Joann said...

your pictures made me feel hungry at 2am in the morning!!!! hahaha! :)

the bbq party was fun!! haha, send me the pictures we took that day! my email:

and the mango cake you baked for ur hubby (prev post) looks super duper yummilicious!!! call me when u are baking next time! i want to 偷师!! HEEHEEHEE! :)

Cranberry said...

Cecily, is my niece b'day bbq party, die die also must attend.. then my char siew needs to marinate over night... then i remember i haven make my agar agar yet.. so work OT to get it all done so that next morning I ve lesser things to prepare and cook glad everything is over now *lol*

Thanks for the compliments, Cecily.

Cranberry said...

Wow Joann, 2am and u re still not in bed ah??

Yup, the bbq party was very fun and we enjoyed each and everyone company hor..esp my bro kekeke...

Let me upload the pics and will email to u soon.

Will call u to come over when I m baking ok!

Thanks for visiting my little hut.

Joann said...

oh yah!! u must also update me about ur brother's progress!! HEEHEEHEE!!

yay!! thanks!! cya around soon! and take care alright! :)

Dutchess said...

Jes, I can see so much effort and care put into your luncheon. Your colleagues are so lucky.

Chris said...

Looks good! How about sending an invite this way? :0D

Cranberry said...

hey Joyce, Happy Lunar New Year to u! bsy lately with sewing hor.. just pop by yr blog and was amazed on how you sewed that pretty little shirt for your ds, really k-tow to you.

Cranberry said...

Hi Chris,
Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Hope everything are well with you.

Cranberry said...

hi Joann, u too, take care and keep in touch!

eve said...

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