Monday, February 26, 2007

DH's Birthday - 11th Feb 2007

Baked dh a cake on his birthday. Since Dh is one of the twin (he is the elder twin), we brought the cake over to his younger twin bro's hse for the cake cutting that nite.


Chawanmushi said...

Wow ...the twins are handsome...LOL
Do you ever get them mixed up ?... I wonder ... hehe. Actually can see that there are differences in the present pic bur I can't tell who is the younger or older twin.
Maybe by the T-shirt ... the one that wears white singlet is at his home ... so that must be the younger twin? Your dh is wearing black singlet?
Aiyoh ... Jess...don't shoot me for being KPO ... LOL

Cranberry said...

hahaha... cecily, u re so smart leh, BINGO! U ve got it correct!! The one in black tee is my dh!

before marriage, i always got them mixed up... but not anymore lah.. i can tell the difference. even my boys when they were young, they too know which one is their daddy...kekeke... maybe of their body odour... hahaha..

i won't shoot u cecily, not to worry...*lol*