Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Traditional Cakes

These traditional cakes brought back old memories to me. Do you?

During my younger days, these cakes were served commonly at weddings. My dad used to bake these for us when we were young. I remembered we could eat few slices at one go. "We" = siblings and myself :)

The cakes were well-liked by everyone who ate.

Colorful Piping Jellies

1 Bottle - Piping Jelly
Food colors of your choice (I used Red, Yellow and Green)

How to do:
1) Divide the piping jelly into 3 portions.
2) Add food colors (red,yellow & green) into each portion. Mix well.
3) Scoop the mixture into piping bags, pipe lines on top of frosted cake.


singairishgirl said...

Gosh, they are so beautiful. Your cakes can be sold! No wonder you bake so well, cos your dad bakes too.

Yin said...

I'm really fansinate by your baking skill.

Cranberry said...

Thanks ladies..

yeh Deb, my dad used to bake a lot when we were he has stopped baking ever since his 'daughter' started baking for him haha..

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, these cakes really reminds me of yester years. Yours is nicely done, like the neatly done piping. I want a bite!


Cranberry said...

hehe.. next time I make one for our tea gathering ok :)

Anonymous said...


Those in red, yellow and green, are they fruit jams? If not, mind to share the recipe? Thx!


Cranberry said...


They are not fruit jams. They are piping jelly. Just add your desired food color. You can get them from Phoon Huat.

An Economist Baker said...

These are really lovely. How is the cream prepared? Is it simply whipped cream?

KWF said...

I feel like biting into them right now! Yummy!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Remind me of the good old days! I want to take a piece from the screen.

Cranberry said...

haha... pls feel free to give it a bite..

yes, those were simple whipped cream. I just whipped up the Topping Cream and frosted the cakes.

Anonymous said...

Gosh they are so lovely... Reminds me of cakes that my family used to receive when someone got married... must be yummy yum yum!!