Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Traditional Baked Mooncakes

As usual, every year I make mooncakes to give away to my parents, my sis, my hubby's siblings and some of my close relatives. These year I made lesser, just made enough to give away. I am almost done with my mooncake making, left with one or two batches of snowskin mooncakes which I am planning to do it tonite.

Thanks D for helping me to buy the pretty plastic mooncake moulds which I used it to mould the mini mooncakes shown here.

The MINI MOONCAKES...................... Lotus Paste with Single Yolk &
Plain Lotus Paste without Yolk

The STANDARD SIZE MOONCAKES packed in gift boxes.........Pure White Lotus Paste /Lotus Paste with Single Yolk & Double Yolk

With some left over mooncake crust, I made a few Mooncake Cookies for myself :)


SIG said...

Your baked mooncakes are so beautiful. And you're welcome. :)

Cranberry said...

Thanks D. I am very sure you can do just as good:)

Hugbear said...

Jess, all your moonies look so lovely.

Cranberry said...

Thanks Lee Lee shifu! :)