Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snowskin Mooncakes - New Flavours

These were the new flavours snowskin mooncakes which I made last Sunday, the day of Mid-Autumn Festival. My galfriend, Alice, got me a pack of Chocolate Mini Balls and another pack of Dark Brandy Chocolate. I used them for my snowskin mooncakes shown here.

Chocolate Mini Balls added into Peppermint Lotus Paste.

Dark Brandy Chocolate added into Pure White Lotus Paste with Macademia Nuts.

My galfriend, Doris, came over on Sunday afternoon. I let her try the snowskin mooncakes, a mixture of the 4 flavours shown here :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cranberry,

Your snowskin mooncakes are so nicely done. Looks like the skin is soft, chewy n not oily. How did u do it? Mine is always oily, dunno why. :(

Mui Mui

Anonymous said...

this is exactly the same filling as the one i ate from Raffles Hotel! You're good! Please share the recipe!

Beachlover said...

look so pretty and cute!.love it.I don't have the guts to try snowskin yet!

SIG said...

Oh yes, that's it! That's the chocolate mooncake that my girl likes, with the big round choc in the middle of it. A friend gave us a box and that was her favourite piece.

Chawanmushi said...

hi Jestina
Wow ... love all the moonies you made. It's always nice to have company when making moonies, otherwise it's such a lonely affair, don't you think so? :-)

Ah Shui said...

Hi Cranberry, nice blog. all ur mooncakes look delicious. r u a professional chef or baker? Will bookmark ur blog and link it to my blog.

Cranberry said...

Hi Mui Mui - thanks for the kind compliment. Yup,the skin is soft and not oily. I will link the recipe to here shortly. Please look out for it later. You can take a look at the recipe and try it out if you still have the gao-fen and shortening at home.

Hi anonymous, Thanks! look out for the recipe later. I will link the recipe to my blog soonest possible.

Hi beachlover, thanks for your kind words..Give it a try, is very easy, I believe you can do it too.

really ah, Deb? Dark brandy chocolate leh..she loves the chocolate or the liquor in it??? hehe.. smart gal lah...sure know the good stuff haha..

Thanks Cecily. Agree with you... I love company, so I will not feel bored or lonely lor..

Hi ah-shui, thanks for dropping by! Nope, I am not a pro chief nor baker, I am a FTWM:)

SIG said...

no, hers got no brandy but it's exactly that shape. Where do you get those choc? Next yr must make for her sans brandy of cos. ;)

Cranberry said...

Deb, I got them form Sunlik.