Saturday, November 08, 2008

Home-Cooked Luncheon

My colleague, LT, also my lunch kaki has gone for a holiday break last Wed and will only be back next Wed. Didn't want to lunch alone outside, I prepared some simple one-dish meal and brought to work on Thu and Fri, and I will continue to do so till next Wed when she is back to work :)

Very simple dish, I made Spaghetti for Thurday. Some olive oil to brown the minced garlic, lots and lots of it..added some Honey Chopped Ham and a handful of beansprouts. Seasonings wise is very simple, salt and pepper, and added a tablespoon of hot pepper sauce. I know we don't add beansprouts into Spag but I just love the crunch and as long as is yummy, who cares right! hahaha.. I sprinkled some seaweeds mix as toppings and sliced few pcs of Japanese cucumber to go along. I used my hp to take the pic, so is not so clear :)

For Fri, I made Minced Meat to eat with Rice. Is good enough and very filling. Oh, I love the Spicy Hae-bee-Hiam. I added a few tablespoon into my rice, oh gosh, is so delicious!



Wow .. you so hardworking, prepare nice lunch for work too. Do you do this in the morning before heading for work? I never have the time to even spread a slice of bread .. i will just buy a bun on the way to work.

Cranberry said...

Hi family first,

I cooked in the morning before heading for work but all ingredients were prepared the night before, so is easy and quick. As for the rice, I cooked extra in the evening and kept some for my lunch the next day.

SIG said...

She's a very capable woman, trust me. ;)