Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back from Taipei!

Have not been active in blogging..needless to say no baking for quite sometimes too. Health is the main reason.. for 2 to 3 months, on and off I was feeling giddy and head was spinning terribly. I have consulted my family doctor and gynae several times, from taking blood tests, whole body check-up to scanning. I have to reassure I am alright. Well, things didn't look quite bad, scanned result showed that I ve a cyst and a fibroid. My fibroid is harmless and as long as is not growing, gynae advised me to leave it alone first. It was the cyst that is giving me the problem and i had to get it remove by taking a 10days medication course. It did remove but it affected my menstrual cycle, my period lasts at least 10 days instead the normal 4 days now, and my flow is excessively heavy, running like a tap sometimes... Thus, it lead to loss of too much blood every month. Medical report shows I have low blood and everyone commented I'm looking too pale. Doctor prescribed Iron tablets for me to take daily and I will be seeing her in a month time to have my body check again. I m relieve that I m feeling much better, praying hard my health will get better day by day.

Christmas is coming!! Guess I will not be able to bake as much as last year, probably just two logcakes for 2 invited parties :)

Well yes, I was away for holiday with my hubby, 2 children along with my bil's families in Taipei. The lucky thing is I was very well thru out the whole trip! I standby my medicines but didn't need it at all. Thanks GOD! I truly enjoyed my trip! Will be downloading some of the photos soon to share with everyone :)


Anonymous said...

Jes, take good care of yourself & speedy recovery to you!


Carrie said...


Hope you get well soon, and i've link your blog to mine, hope you dn't mind.

My web is at


Yan said...

hi jestina:

indeed great that your family holiday helped to uplift your spirits and well being too.

be good and take care ya!


SIG said...

Wow, J, you do take care. Take stuff like black chicken soup etc to nourish your body. Hope to have some good news soon after you visit the doctor, and really happy to receive your msg the other day. Tks 4 thinking of me. :) And it's wonderful to hear that you were well during your trip. I knew you were sick very often, but didn't know about the giddiness. Do take care, my friend.

Cranberry said...

Thanks Ma-Li, Carrie,Yan and D for your concern.

Carrie, sure pls link. TQ:)

Yan, everyone love holidays definitely uplift my spirits!

D,yes very good trip. Really enjoyed myself :) How I wish to stay longer..haha..Catch up with u and princess, tell her i miss her ok!

Merry X'mas to all of you and your families! HoHoHo..