Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Custard Puffs

Samuel rang me up asking if I was available on Labour Day to teach him and Michelle on how to make Mango Pomelo. I agreed. So they were here at my place on a sunny afternoon, learning to make this yummilicious dessert. I also showed them how to make custard puffs as well. Glad all turned out well.

Vanilla Custard Cream

Strawberry and Vanilla Custard Puffs

Ice-Cream Custard Filling Recipe

* recipe adapted from TW variety show.

500gm Ice-cream (your choice of ice-cream flavor; Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Durian etc.)
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp plain flour

1) Add ice-cream, egg yolk and plain flour in a cooking pot. Mix well.
2) On low fire, melt the ice-cream and stir constantly till mixture thicken and smooth.
3) Put aside and let it cool before piping into puffs. Serve chill.


Bryan, younger ds turned 13 on 27th April 2008. Happy Birthday, 'Zhong-Ge'hehe...

Baked his favourite chocolate cake. This is a very tall cake; 4 layers of sponge, sandwiched the sponge with whipping cream and strawberry slices, coated the whole cake with chocolate ganache and decorated with whole strawberries and Rocher chocolates.

Brother, Samuel's birthday, 3rd May 2008

Baked a 3-layered fruit cake for him to celebrate his birthday. Hope that he like it.

Gummy Toppers for Cupcakes

Baked some cupcakes for DS' cell group meeting on a Saturday and packed a few boxes with a mixture of cupcakes, spongecake slices and muffins for my colleagues in Malaysia.

I used some of the colorful gummy toppers which I bought from SS recently for the cupcakes.

Traditional Cakes

These traditional cakes brought back old memories to me. Do you?

During my younger days, these cakes were served commonly at weddings. My dad used to bake these for us when we were young. I remembered we could eat few slices at one go. "We" = siblings and myself :)

The cakes were well-liked by everyone who ate.

Colorful Piping Jellies

1 Bottle - Piping Jelly
Food colors of your choice (I used Red, Yellow and Green)

How to do:
1) Divide the piping jelly into 3 portions.
2) Add food colors (red,yellow & green) into each portion. Mix well.
3) Scoop the mixture into piping bags, pipe lines on top of frosted cake.

Mini Pancakes

Finally I did the pancakes using the pie/tart maker which I bought from Hong Kong during my holiday trip in Feb this year. The shape of these mini pancakes are very lovely:) I used the pancake recipe shared by Florence in her blog. Very yummy indeed! Thanks for sharing.

Here showing the steps into making the mini pancakes:-

this is the pie/tart maker...

the batter and fillings...

the batter being piped into the moulds..

add fillings now...

the end result - Yummy Mini Pancakes, softer in the inside, crispy on the outside.


it's ds's last paper tomorrow for D&T.. phew!! I have not been blogging lately as dss were busy using the comp for school projects and research, as well as preparing notes for their exams, they were given the priority. I 'booked' the comp for tonight and update my blog a little ..hehehe

Hope everyone is in pink health :)