Monday, January 05, 2009

What we had for Christmas Day?

Is PARTYYYYYYY!!!!!! Yippee!!! Youngest bro-in-law suggested the Christmas Party to be held at my place this year. We usually do it every year at his place. So, this was our FIRST Christmas Party at home. We had some friends and relatives over to celebrate with us this festive occasion:)

We decided to do pot-luck. Beside the logcake and cupcakes, here are some of the dishes from friends and relatives. Was busy eating and only managed to take some of the food photos, missed out the pizzas, chicken drumlets, veg lemak, cocktail dessert etc...hehe..


Mee Siam
Mini Char Siew Pao
Roasted Duck
Mee Goreng
Salad with Mango Yogurt dressing

Colorful Agar Agar


GoodyFood said...

The color is so nice!

SIG said...

Wow, everything looks yum!

Sophie said...

That cheesecake is so cute :)!

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