Friday, April 21, 2006

Younger days........

Time really flies......... my babies are now 11 and 13........ The 2nd photo was taken during their YWCA days, a childcare centre which 'house' them when i worked. I believe my children had had a memorable time during their 4 years at the centre. Brandon especially, loved the food cooked by the auntie, always asked for second helping, and Vic too! Haha, the 2 of them really eat a lot! Brandon and Victoria have been childhood friends for 13 years. Hope they maintain and treasure their good friendship.

Brandon & Bryan

Vic celebrating her Birthday at the centre. Next to her is Brandon.

These are few of my childhood photos which my mum passed it to me when i visited her over the weekends... My parents and siblings, we are very close to one another. Thanks mum and dad for bringing me into this beautiful World and also my two little lovely sis and bro that they have given me.


DAD, ME and MUM!

ME and MY SIS! we are 2 years apart...



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