Monday, December 11, 2006

Bread Puddings

Using Bread Pudding recipe shared by Zu, a forum pal. Thanks Zu!

As usual, I like to play with different toppings. For the elderly, I made them Raisin Cinammon Bread Pudding and for the kids, it will be Chocolate Bread Pudding, which I added crushed Oreo chocolate waffles and Oreo cookies as toppings.

These bread puddings are made for our afternoon tea yesterday and I had my mum and brother over to join us.


Chris said...

Hey Cranberry, just a suggestion with regards to bread pudding. Try using overnight croissants instead of regular stale bread. They're extra yummilicious cos of the buttery texture! Cheers!

Cranberry said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the suggestion! will try it out next round! thank you thank you...