Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Orange Chiffon Cake

Finally I did it! It was a success! Thanks Mandy for sharing her recipe and Lee for her chiffon mould. So sorry, Lee, your mould was held 'hostage' for at least two months. I know is not easy to do a chiffon cake and that is why I keep dragging till now *lack of confidence*

Verdict: soft and light texture. Yummilicious!

I have posted Mandy's recipe below for your easy ref.

Orange Chiffon Cake (Recipe by Mandy, M4M)


(Part A)
5 egg yolks
80g sugar
80g orange juice (use juice extractor and put in the whole orange, including skin)
1tsp orange flavour/compound
50g corn oil
75g plain flour
1/2tsp baking powder
35g corn flour

(Part B)
5 egg whites(cold)
50g sugar
1/4tsp cream of tar tar


(Part A)
1. Beat egg yolks and sugar at maximum speed for abt 1min till thick and creamy.
2. Mix orange juice, orange flavour and corn oil into egg mixture.
3. Sift in flour and baking powder, corn flour into egg mixture.

(Part B)
1. Whisk egg white, sugar and tartar till stiff
2. Add into part A mixture and stir well
3. Bake at 160deg(lowest rack) for about 40-45mins.
(when the cake rise and shrunk means cooked)

Impt notes:
Use fresh eggs
Make sure no egg yolk falls into egg white
Use clean, dry and non-greasy mixing bowl

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