Monday, December 11, 2006


In Singapore, this is known as "Ondeh-Ondeh". In Malaysia, it's called Buah Melaka. In Indonesia, this is being called "Kelepon Hijau aka Pandan Glutinous Rice Balls". I was told by a friend, Jam, that different countries named them differently.

This Ondeh-Ondeh recipe is adapted from an Indonesian Cookbook " Joy of Food Lovers -Indonesia Delights" which I bought during the recent JL Sales at Expo. The cookbook features many of their local kuih-kuih recipes which some of them I would very much wanted to try...


400g glutinous rice flour
200ml coconut cream
(I added more coconut milk *agaration* to knead into a dough. The 200ml stated in the recipe is definitely not enough)
1/5 tsp salt
10ml Pandan leaf juice

150g crushed palm sugar (Gula Melaka)

1/2 grated coconut

1. Combine dough ingredients and mix well. Knead into a piece of dough and divide into small balls. Roll out into thin discs. Put palm sugar at the centre. Wrap and press edges to seal.

2. Cook the rice balls in boiling water. Once it floats, it means cooked. Drain it. Arrange on a plate and sprinkle with grated coconut. Serve.

Recipe adapted from Indonesian Delights - Desserts & Snacks "Joy of Food Lovers".


shirley said...

Hi hi

I have tried many recipes for ondeh ondeh and still not fully satisfied with any of them. Could you tell me how is the texture of the skin.

I have tried the one that sold in Amoy Street (sgkueh) and they are heavenly.

Cranberry said...

Hi Shirley,

It is best eaten when cooked and coated with shredded coconut straight away. The skin texture is soft. I kept the left over in the fridge but turned hard next day.

I was told that if you heat up the coconut milk before pouring into the flour, you will get the QQ texture. I only realised this note on the cookbook after i ve added the milk, too late alrdy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley,

I like your "ondeh-ondeh" and I known that you get the recipe from a book. I counldn't find it. Can you post the recipe? I live in H.K. & I miss the M'sia food.
Thanks a lot.

WhItE_PoPlAr said...


Can you share your recipe of Ondeh Ondeh? It looks lovely! TIA

Hut of Cranberry said...

Hi White Poplar,

I just came back from my holiday yesterday. Will post out the recipe shortly ok!