Monday, January 15, 2007

Chee Cheong Fun

First attempt in making CCF, very fun and interesting! can't imagine I can do it at home....hehehe... usually i get them from the dim sum stalls or wet markets. The texture is really very soft, so yummy to go with the 'thiam-cheong'. I added chilli sauce and it tasted so shiok with the extra spice!

Thanks cwl, a forum pal for sharing the recipe.

This is my second attempt in making CCF. The idea in adding char siew as fillings came from Lee Lee. Thanks Lee for sharing.


tweetybird said...

Hello J!

Read that you hurt your fingers :(

Do take care and wish your fingers speedy recovery.


Cranberry said...

Hey TB,

Thanks for your concern and my wound is healing now.


tweetybird said...

Hello Jes =)

Wanna wish u and ur family *speaks in dialect* "kiong hee huat chai"!

Cranberry said...

Thanks TB! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Wish you good health and prosperity!