Saturday, March 22, 2008

Charity Food Fair

Elder son's school held their Charity Food Fair in school last week. I contributed 50 cupcakes, a 9" Peach Marshmallow Cake and 30 Konnyaku Jellie Cups for sale. I took half a day to help out in the fair and did the frosting of the cupcakes on the spot. I was very pleased that the cakes are well-liked by the students, parents volunteers and teachers that all were sold out pretty fast haha... However, I left the fair half way through as Ds was feeling sick that I need to fetch him home to rest. I was later informed by the chairperson that the fair was a success. Hurray!

I have take a few pictures of what I have sold..forgotten to take pics of my jellies hehe..

Peach Marshmallow slices

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes

Frosted Cupcakes


Anonymous said...

Jes, you a Master Baker, definitely all the cakes will be sold-out in no time at all! :)



Cranberry said...

haha...mali, all sold out very fast leh.. i should have make more to sell lor :)

Yan said...

that means u can set up own bakery shop already leh... good biz and supporters already...

Cranberry said...

aiyoi yan, cannot lah, open a bakery shop..still bo 'kang-hu'..for home and sch still ok lah :)