Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am ALONE tonite!

I am left alone tonite :( :(....... Elder son went for resilience camp in Pahang on Monday, coming back this Friday. Younger son too, but camping in school. I am missing both of them already...... Hubby going to work later, on night shift today :( The house is so quiet today, is just too quiet without the boys...Hub felt the same too. I knew he miss them as much as I do.

Elder son's school teachers are really nice. They set up a blog for this camp and we parents get the update daily. Thanks to all the teachers for sharing some of the exciting pictures and video clips! WOw! really cool man! The campers were enjoying themselves! Ds didn't appear in any of the pics or clips.....must be hiding somewhere...hahaha..He is in the "Hunters Group", must be somewhere in the jungle or forest. Oh boy, be careful of insects, especially the leeches... oh dear, they suck blood! Don't play with the animals, drink enough water, be careful of these , be careful of that. These were the mindful words that I told him before he left. Hope he enjoy and have fun thru out the whole camp and I believe he will.

Well, Boys, we will see you this Friday!

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singairishgirl said...

Oh wow, poor mum. Could have told me would have sent my girl as stand in to make your house noisy. Hahaha!