Thursday, November 16, 2006

Crispy Bread Hand-Rolls

Is just so simple to make this and it taste delicious too! Accidentally saw the making of this deep fried bread thingy on tv. It was already half way thru the show and probably I have missed out the part whereby the chef showed how he did the fillings. So, I have to do the fillings my way *lol* My forum pal, Karen, told me this is one of the Imperial Palace Cuisine in China. Waa.. didn't know that!


Chris said...

I got to know of you linking my webby to yours thru my site metre and I am so totally impressed with your cooking! You're amazing! One day, when I am a homemaker an have my own kids, I will look up your web to find inspiration for meal ideas!

Cranberry said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for visiting my little hut and thanks for your nice compliments too. You are a good baker. A good friend of mine has given me your blog. Wow, all your cakes are simply awesome! She has promised me to bring me along for her next visit to your cafe. CYA then!