Sunday, November 26, 2006

Steamed Nine-Layers Lapis

This recipe was shared by Lee Lee. Thanks Lee. Joyce and Karen made this too and they inspired me to try it out myself. This really needs some Patience, steaming layer by layer. I did 2 layers of white at the bottom and the remaining 7 layers in different colors. I used to buy from Bengawan Solo as this is one of ds's favourite kueh but not anymore now. It was so yummy that all were gone the next day. I used a 9" square tray and this yields abt 30 slices.

Dss had it for supper, breakfast and tea-break. I love eating it by peeling layer by layer and roll up into little swissroll!

Recipe here:


Anonymous said...


may i know is yr steamed nine-layers lapis soft or not? i did mine before.every layers is hard leh.what is the reason?? pls help!

Hut of Cranberry said...

Hi anonymous,

Yes, mine is soft. Do not steam for too long. Did u add enuf coconut milk?