Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A date with my cupcakes..

Brandon and his ex-classmates (from P6), Yi Jing and Rosalind and together with Rosalind's classmates from St.Margaret School have made a date with my cupcakes *lol* These are for THEM!

Thanks Lee Lee for the sugarpaste flowers and leaves. They are all so pretty!

Meeting venue: Ferry Point Bungalow chalet
Date: 28th October 2007
Time: 3pm onwards


singairishgirl said...

They are so pretty!!

Cranberry said...

Thanks dear. So sorry, didn't update my blog for quite a while as my pc was very badly infected with virus...The whole pc was corrupted and the IT guy managed to resolve the problem for a temp basis till he find a permanent solution to it.

Hugbear said...

Jes, the cupcakes are lovely. I am glad my sugar paste have been put to good use. I am in the midst of making more stuff from my new batch of sugar paste.

Amrita said...

awwww! these are GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

The cuppies are so lovely!


Florence said...

Very pretty cuppies.

singairishgirl said...

Oh, worry not... only been wondering why you've been so quiet... thought post exam resting. lol.

Cranberry said...

Thanks ladies for all the nice compliments..I still need to practice more on my piping skills.

yes Lee, your sugar paste was very lovely and the children were so delighted with the cupcakes. new batch ah? getting hook onto it already?

hahaha... singairishgirl, not post exam resting lah..*lol

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