Monday, October 08, 2007

Hokkaido Milky Bread

Alice, my dear friend, bought me a pack of Japanese Bread Flour from her baking teacher. Thanks Alice. I used it to make Hokkaido Milky Bread and is so yummilicious!

This is the recipe.


singairishgirl said...

Hi lovely stuff as usual but my only complaint is I don't like this slideshow thingy. Is it just me, or is it difficult to see the show as you have to move the picture till the top of the screen can't be seen then the slideshow appears. Understand what I'm trying to say?

Yan's Delites said...

oishi !!!! from the look, you can tell the soft cottony texture of the bread.

Jes, how do u make all the baked breads you make turn out so soft & cottonly? i am kneading the dough manually, and so far, the texture is below standard. maybe i shld get a bread maker ? wat say u ?

singairishgirl said...

Oh ya, aren't you jealous of them yan? I made also but not successful. I think these ladies are really professionals hahaha. But have no space for breadmaker.

Yan's Delites said...

ENVY is a vice, but that shall be the word to describe. =p.

however, theres no grounds to compare coz both Aunty Yochana n Jes have built up their "empire" from their strong baking foundations & interest. we're just seedlings, we've got long way to go in mastering the art of baking. =D

yeps, theres limited space in my kitchen too. maybe time for some adjustment for my new 'hobby' = cook + bake. =p

singairishgirl said...

Haha, yes, agreed. They have years of experience. We will get there... some time. Haha. Aiyoh tell me about it. My kitchen counters also no place to work on. Hehe.

Cranberry said...

Hey gals! oh understand, singairishgirl..

I used my kenwood major to knead the dough abt 8 - 10 mins, do a stretch test, dough ok liao, rest till double the volumn and so on.. There were times I did not knead enuf and the bread wasn't soft either.

Woah! kneading by hands very taxing right, yan? I used my bread maker to knead the dough and bake bread loafs and even made kaya when I had one last time, quite good actually. Me too, my kitchen also have limited space, so I just work on my dining table lor:)

Yan said...

jes :

indeed the word is very taxing and with our tropical heat, u can imagine me 'melting' in the process too.. =p

alrite, shall look into getting a breadmaker then. wat brand would u recommend as in economical & good for starters? (dun dare to 'invest' too much though).

Yan said...

p.s. coz those sales people hard sell the brands tat gets them best commission. =p

[jo]an[n] said...

!!!! it looks damn delicious!!

hello ah joon jiejie! how have u been?!! i tried sending u an email dunno if u have received it! :(

anyways i lost ur number! can send me again? :)

take care! and help me say hallo to sam korkor and brandon and bryan! :D

joann! :)

Cranberry said...

yan, mine is bluesky. Hubby got it from carrefour at $67 two years back. So far, this is the cheapest I think..the branded one will cost abt 150 - 200 bucks.

Cranberry said...

Hey Joann mei mei..hehe..

I am very fine of course haha.. thank you.. How abt u? I didn't rec yr email..pls send it again ok. I will sms u my hp nos. and email address again.

How's yr mummy, daddy, bro and yr sil? pls send them my regards.

Went to your you had fun on your b'days hor..enjoying yourself.. A very very belated Happy B'day to U! Muak Muak!

Yan said...

tks for the info, Jes.

singairishgirl said...

Hi Jes, have solved the mystery of the slideshow. Asked hubby about it and he says it's an issue with macintosh, so have tried another browser and it works. Very nice slides. Glad I got to see them. ;) I was just super frustrated earlier cos not just your site but others too.

Cranberry said...

u're most welcome, yan!

oh that's great, singairishgirl! Hope you enjoy the slides...hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know where did you get those dougnut baking pan?