Friday, October 12, 2007

Is my B-Day, give me a break!

No work, no bakes, nothing..simply eat and relax on my B-Day yesterday..hahaha... I have a list of program line up for me..Yeah, I truly enjoyed myself very much :)

A big THANK YOU to my loving hubby, two wonderful children, my sil and Junye for the lunch date, my dear friend - Doris for buying me dinner on Friday night and a group of dear kakis - Alice, Lee Lee and Carol for buying me dinner yesterday too. Many many thanks to my in-laws, parents, brother, sister, friends and ladies at m4m for their birthday wishes! and not forgetting the beautiful birthday gifts from my sil,Alice, Lee Lee, Leslie, and my cousin, Joann for her Awfully Chocolate Cake!


Yan said...

Pass u kit kat? =p

No wonder so quiet for the past few days with no bakes. tsk tsk.

More importantly :

Happy Belated Bday greetings to you Jes !!!!!

tweetybird said...

Hi Jes,

Happy Belated Birthday to u!! =)

Looks like we hv a few birthdays in common.. my DS#3 with ur DS#2.. mine and urs in Oct.. kekeke


singairishgirl said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Jes. Sounds like you had a wonderful one. And here's my little gift to you - The Rockin' Girl award.

culinary said...

Happy Belated Birthday to u!!

Cranberry said...

Thanks yan, sylvia, singairishgirl and jingle!

hehe yan.. yeh no baking for the past few days..haha..need a break lor..

yes sylvia, so coincidence hor..haha..take care, dear.

Thanks for the award, singairishgirl..10Q! Congrates to u too! U really rock!

singairishgirl said...

wah just saw your slideshow leh. Look at all that food. And the presents! Haha.

karlsfoodie said...

Ahh I hope im not too late to wish u a Happy Birthday.. Stay pretty always =)

Cranberry said...

yeh singairishgirl, all were so delicious..yum yum...

Thanks Jo, thanks for your b'day wishes..appreciate that :)

Thor-ry said...

Hi Jes,
Happy belated Birthday!
Bet you were enjoying yourself with all the yummy food. The chocolate cake is really cute!